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Baraka Tours, branch of Viajes Culturales Seshat S.L. Spanish Tour Operator pioneer of Islamic Heritage tours in Spain and Europe. Promising you with our best services and smooth operations at all times, specialized in all type of in-bound & out-bound tourism services. 

Since 2008, has an Official Spanish Company Tax Code CIF: ES-B64956188 and Travel Agency License GC-MD: 00524 according Europe Community Regulations.  As well as Cultural Association Seshat "Mediterranean Cultural Heritage Center" which present Spain Islamic Heritage and intercultural dialogue movements in Europe to Spanish community under license ES- G64805740.

Our Mission:
High Quality Holiday Experience in accordance with Muslims beliefs & fully tailored to Muslim Travelers needs.
Discover Spain Islamic Heritage
Discover wonders of Great Ancient Islamic Cities in Europe & Mediterranean Countries.

In the places which included in our packages, the Muslim Travelers will have the opportunity to perform routes of ancient cities of the greatest Islamic Heritage in Spain and Mediterranean Countries (Italy- Portugal- France- Morocco- Tunisia- Egypt- Jordan-Turkey).

We do offer Halal Tourism, subcategory of cultural tourism which is geared towards Muslim Travelers, with all specific requirements and expectations, in accordance with Muslims beliefs.
We provide the Muslim Travelers meals where no alcohol or pork products are served during their holidays in Europe


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Viajes culturales

Viajes Culturales es la respuesta a nuestra inquietud constante por profundizar en el interés cultural de los destinos que gozan de vestigios culturales antiguos.

El arte de viajar es tender un puente para el dialogo entre distintas culturas

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